Mayan Oil Skincare Products

The Story of Mayan Oil

Centuries before Europeans came to America, the Mayan Indian tribes had highly advanced civilizations throughout Central and South America. Over many years the healers of these tribes gained knowledge of the plants and herbs that grew in the rainforests around them. These herbs were highly prized for their healing and regenerative properties. The herbal formulas were kept secret and were handed down from healer to healer over many generations.
Fortunately, some of those amazing herbal formulas have been rediscovered and are now available in Mayan Oil herbal products.
Mayan Oil skin care products have been developed from over 25 years of research. They contain herbs that were originally found in the rainforests of Central America.

Mayan Oil Products

All Mayan Oil products are non-toxic, made with sustainably harvested herbs and are manufactured with the highest quality organic ingredients.



“My husband is allergic to mosquito venom. If he forgets to use bug repellent and gets bitten this helps better than anything we’ve tried.”

Maureen M
River Ridge, LA

“Excellent product, we have honeybee hives, so of course a sting here and there happens, and now I’m ordering my second bottle of Sting911. Good stuff”!

Sonya M
Claremont, NC

“Of course the best option is not to get bitten in the first place but once the deed is done, you want relief from the pain or itch and Sting911 really worked for me. Convenient and easy to apply, I’m getting a couple of extras!”

Evelyn D
Roanoak, TX

“My wife has used Sting911 for months and recommends this product. We live near the Green Swamp Florida Aquifer so mosquitoes, wasp and other bugs are a common partner. Outside with the horses can be challenging, so we count on this product.”

Sam R
Lakeland, FL

“Sting 911 has been my solution to this summer season’s explosion of mosquitoes in the rainy Midwest, especially after time in the yard or walks at dusk. After I come grumpily back inside, I roll this over the bites a few times and then quickly forget my annoyance, and go on with my life; I’m the type of person that gets big welts from mosquitoes and usually become consumed with scratching and this has

Larry F.
Hollister, MO