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Sting911 10 ml Bottle

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Ingredients:Soybean Oil, Yarrow, Verbena, Calendula, Feverfew, Mugwort, Olive Leaf and Camphor.
Instructions: For fast relief from mosquito bites and other insect bites and stings, apply a small amount of Sting911 to the affected area.

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3 reviews for Sting911 10 ml Bottle

  1. Dean F

    Worked exactly as advertised. Must have product for any outdoor enthusiast.

  2. Alex A

    I purchased this product for the mosquitoes that always seem to come around our house in the Spring. We have had heavier rains than usual this year and there are more mosquitoes than usual as well. I was a little skeptical about Sting911 because it was “herbal” and didn’t seem to contain any of the same ingredients as anti-itch products I’ve used in the past. We were working in our yard over the weekend and my wife and 1 year old daughter both were bitten by mosquitoes. The bites were starting to itch and swell up. I applied Sting911 to the bites and the itching went away instantly. The next day the bites were not even visible.

  3. Peter M

    I discovered this product earlier this year. I have only used it for mosquito bites and other bug bites. Extremely effective.

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