Here is what our customers are saying about their experiences with Mayan Oil products.

Sting911 Reviews

“My husband is allergic to mosquito venom. If he forgets to use bug repellent and gets bitten this helps better than anything we’ve tried.” ­-Maureen M, River Ridge, LA

“Excellent product, we have honeybee hives, so of course a sting here and there happens, and now I’m ordering my second bottle of Sting911. Good stuff”!  -Sonya M, Claremont, NC

“Of course the best option is not to get bitten in the first place but once the deed is done, you want relief from the pain or itch and Sting911 really worked for me. Convenient and easy to apply, I’m getting a couple of extras!” –Evelyn D, Roanoak, TX

“My wife has used Sting911 for months and recommends this product. We live near the Green Swamp Florida Aquifer so mosquitoes, wasp and other bugs are a common partner. Outside with the horses can be challenging, so we count on this product.” -Sam R, Lakeland, FL

“Sting 911 has been my solution to this summer season’s explosion of mosquitoes in the rainy Midwest, especially after time in the yard or walks at dusk. After I come grumpily back inside, I roll this over the bites a few times and then quickly forget my annoyance, and go on with my life; I’m the type of person that gets big welts from mosquitoes and usually become consumed with scratching and this has done an excellent job of keeping the itching and swelling at bay.” Larry F., Hollister, MO

LipsPlus Reviews

“I typically get cold sores several times a year. Nothing gets rid of them very quickly and the over the counter stuff just didn’t work for me. Now, when I feel the tingling of a cold sore coming on I apply a bit of LipsPlus and it stops them before they are even visible. The Shea Butter in it is a great moisturizer for my lips too so I use it even when I don’t have a cold sore.”Donna S, Lahaina, HI  

“I have dealt with cold sores for over 20 years. I have tried everything from home remedies to drug store solutions. After getting no real relief from other products I was skeptical when I heard about Lips Plus. After trying my usual solution for a cold sore and not having success I decided to give Lips Plus a try. WOW!! I cannot tell you how I much I love this product!”Jessica S, Arvada, CO  

“I have suffered from cold sores my entire life and believe me I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I saw a YouTube video that talked about all of the different remedies out there for cold sores and she recommended Lips Plus. I decided to give it a try. Wiped my cold sore out! Wonderful product!”Kari V, San Diego, CA  

“Lips Plus works!!! And it works quickly! I’ve used other OTCs in the past, which was a total waste of money, so I didn’t have high hopes for this. I was so surprised when my cold sore went away! Gone! It just vanished. I will never use anything else ever again!”Jacqueline G, Carson City, NV

Mayan Oil Reviews

“I had a really bad case of athlete’s foot and wasn’t sure how to treat it. A friend told me about Mayan Oil. I applied it twice a day and it completely went away in less than a week. It is simply amazing!!” – Catherine A, Tustin, CA  

“Several months ago my feet were red and itching and I discovered that it was foot fungus. I tried several home remedies that I saw on the internet like apple cider vinegar and Listerine but with mostly no success. I asked my doctor what he recommended but everything had bad side effects. A friend told me about Mayan Oil. After I used it for just a few days my athlete’s foot went away and hasn’t come back.”Jason G, St. Cloud, MN  

“This product works great if you have a problem with Athletes Foot. It soothes the burning sensation and feels good on the feet. Knocked my fungal problem right out.”Carlos D, Granbury, TX  

“I have suffered with athlete’s foot off and on since I was a teenager and into middle age. Mayan Oil FINALLY eliminated the problem. I can’t recommend this product more strongly!”Charlie K, Bellevue, WA  

“Cleared up athlete’s feet rather quick – in a week or so. Now that I have it under control, I am going to try this to clear up my nail fungus. I have tried other remedies.  Mayan Oil is the only one that actually worked for me.”Mark C, Corona, CA  

“I have had athlete’s foot and toenail fungus for 6 years. I kept trying different things and had pretty much given up hope of ever beating this fungus. I started using Mayan Oil a few months ago and my athlete’s foot was eliminated along with the nail fungus. The new nail will take several months to grow out but after a few weeks I can see the new healthy nail coming in.”Jeff M, Beaverton, OR  

“Mayan Oil was excellent in helping get rid of my nail fungus. I live by the beach and was embarrassed to wear sandals. Mayan Oil stopped the fungus. It has been several months and the new nail has almost completely grown in. Anyone with toenail fungus should try Mayan Oil.”Sandra M, Carlsbad, CA  

“I’ve tried so many things for my nasty nail infection & nothing worked until tried Mayan Oil! My nail is now stronger than ever and beautiful too!”Lori G, Tempe, AZ  

“My boyfriend has had fungus on both feet for years. I got him to try Mayan Oil after reading about it on the internet. The itching went away overnight and in 5 days there was no trace of the fungus. I can’t believe that an herbal oil could possibly work this well”.Lisa J, Belton, TX  

“I had this hideous foot fungus for several months and it was starting to spread to my right foot. I went to my doctor and he suggested I try Lamisil. I read about the side effects and didn’t want to take a chance with the potential liver damage. I decided to do some searches on the internet and I discovered Mayan Oil and I’m glad I did! The results have been nothing short of amazing. Both of my feet are 100% better” Kelly C, Clinton, IA  

“Best anti-fungal product on the market. I’ve been using it for four months and have noticed a huge improvement in my nails. I’ve been wearing nail polish for over 15 years. The last couple of years I was forced to keep wearing it because it helped hide the condition of my nails…they looked yellow and had chips on the edges. After searching the internet and reading about Mayan Oil, I decided to give it a try. The yellowing on my toenails has disappeared. My nails are no longer chipping. My nails look great.”Barbara C, Clayton, MO  


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